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Pimple soap 1p

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Pimple soap 1p 

Natural oriental herbal soap uses an antibacterial cleaning grime that is highly effective in

removing dead skin cells, sebum and also helps relieve itching,

Because Natural oriental herbal soap is stimulated by the use of natural materials irritation is reduced.


what started as DASAN Firm in 2000 for a special promotional sale and have since established itself as a company for the manufacture and distribution of functional herb soaps for health conscious customers. We started with an established branch in Seoul and later expanded to Dae-jeon,Busan and the whole of Korea.
We have distributed the best functional herb soaps to departments and supermarkets the whole country under the sale license of CHRISTIAN AUJARD.
We have distributed our goods to large construction firms, major companies as well as government and public companies among others, and obtained marks of QA-2265(Quality Assurance), Non-bacterial and ISO 14000.
We export KITOSAN and 17 other kinds of soaps to JAPAN, we also export our goods to USA,CHINA and other countries have since been registered as a trade company. We were honored to have been selected by the SMALL AND MEDIUM BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION in 2005 and we were also selected a CLEAN ENVIRONMENT COMPANY by KOREA OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY & HEALTH AGENCY.
We promise to do our best to supply high quality,economical price and functional products environmental friendly that meet customer's desires and demands.
Lastly,I'll attach our catalog please look at it in detail :)
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